Turners Crossing Picolit 375ml 2018


Region: Bendigo, Victoria

Units Per Case: 12

A rare variety of grape, Picolit has been cultivated since Roman times in Italy's Friuli region, where it is the most popular of dessert  wines. It is difficult to cultivate, with only 3 known plantings in Australia. Perfect as an Aperetif or dessert wine, this example is typical of the variety, with medium sweetness for your enjoyment. 

Winemakers Notes:
Picolit is a variety from Colli Orientali in Friuli in Italy’s north-east. It is rare (it is said there are fewer than one hundred producers in the world) because the variety suffers from floral abortion at flowering. Turners Crossing is one of only four vineyards growing Picolit in Australia. The crop was hand harvested on 1st of March 2013 at a Be’ level of 13.5. The fruit was immediately crushed, pressed, cold settled and the clear juice separated from the solids by racking. The juice was fermented at 20 Celsius in old oak barrels, with the ferment stopped at 20 g/L residual sugar so the wine retained the desired sweetness.

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