Rossville Union Rye Barrel Proof 56.3% 750ml


Region: Indiana, USA

Units Per Case: 6

It began in 1847 with a bold, satisfying taste that would make Indiana the rye capital of the world. Rossville Union is a return to the golden age of rye with an authentic taste that could only come from Whiskey City. Bottled at a full 112.6 Proof, our barrel proof straight rye whiskey has a bold, spicy, caramel-forward taste with a balanced, smoky finish. We select the best barrels of whiskey that are 5 & 6 years old to create the ultimate full bodied whiskey for those who appreciate a high-rye taste.

Tasting Notes:

Black Pepper (big pop upfront), Dill, Black Tea on the nose. Vanilla, Bitter Oak, Smoke, Burnt Sugar to taste. Longish finish, spicy, and rye-filled. Some burnt sugars fade early, leaving oak, peppery baking spice and peppery herbal rye

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