Rossville Union Rye 47% 750ml


Region: Indiana, USA

Units Per Case: 6

It began in 1847 with a bold, satisfying taste that would make Indiana the rye capital of the world. Rossville Union is a return to the golden age of rye with an authentic taste that could only come from Whiskey City. Aged for 5 and 6 years, Rossville Union’s master crafted straight rye whiskey delivers a smooth, slightly smoky taste—and a robust, spicy finish with a hint of cherry

Tasting Notes:  

Crisp Rye, White Pepper, Buttery, Mint on the nose. Caramelized Sugar, Rye Spice, Hint of Mint – surprisingly sweet for a rye whiskey. Finish perhaps on the shortish side, with the dark sugars and fruit fading to leave herbal rye and spicy oak. That nice catch of mint tails off at the end.

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